10 Most Common Dental Problems Adults Face

Dental Problems

10 Most Common Dental Problems Adults Face

There are certain teeth problems that are more or less common, and any of us could face during any time of our lives. Dentists need to deal with these issues almost everyday as dental issues are commonly coherent with these symptoms. Detection and further diagnosis leads your dentist in planning the right course of treatment fro you!

Let’s head straight in to the various number of problems one by one:


1. Toothache:

Toothaches can go from mild to severe. However, while experiencing a tooth pain, you might not be able to get an appointment with your dentist or manage time on your part to pay a visit to the dentistry. In these times, often, over-the-counter pain relievers come to the rescue and you resort to it to get temporarily relieved. But certain situations might be worse. Your tooth pain could be accompanied by swelling in the surrounding gum area or a high fever. It could hint at a possible abscess formation you will need an emergency dentist visit to handle such situations.

2. Discolored or stained teeth:

Various causes could be held responsible for staining your teeth. Tobacco consumption, smoking, foods like sauces, candies etc. and caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea are all staining agents for your teeth! The lesser hygiene you follow, the quicker is the discoloration process. Only 3 ways can resolve this: in-office teeth whitening, bleaching your teeth at home with trays and gels or simply using a whitening toothpaste!

3. Cavities:

Bacteria and plaque are responsible for cavities developing in your tooth. These are small holes that appear as a result of the damage of your tooth enamel (the hard outer shell). cavities need to be fixed by your dentist by using sealants in order to prevent it from further damage!

4. Chipped tooth:

Often an accident, a minor one, can lead to such an issue. The type of restoration to be undertaken by the dentist, depends upon the degree of damage or the amount of original tooth remaining. If a small portion remains, a dental crown is placed or else a veneer makeover could conceal the chipped portion well.

5. An Impacted tooth

In adults, if a tooth does not grow or come out normally, it is called an impacted tooth. The tooth itself might grow in a slanted way from its very roots inside the gums or get stuck with an adjacent tooth. However, if it does not hurt, it does not call for any treatment.

6. Tooth sensitivity:

This is perhaps the worst menace. Sensitivity to both hot or cold touches could actually impact your appetite too! You become conscious whenever an eatable is offered to you! The right cause of sensitivity needs to be detected first. It could well be a worn enamel, fillings washed out, a tooth fracture or exposed roots. Desensitizing toothpaste or fluoride gels might come as an effective solution.

7. Hyperdontia (“too many teeth”)

Very rarely, an adult may come up with an issue where he or she has more than the normal 32 teeth! Teeth overcrowding, sometimes might not hurt! But it may be accompanied by other conditions like a Gardner’s Syndrome (where small tumors form which aren’t cancerous)! such a situation is dealt with oral surgery, followed by the use of orthodontics to correct the shape and overall appearance!

8. Teeth grinding

Clenching or teeth grinding is technically known as Bruxism. In adults mostly, depression or anxiety is the cause. It results in issues like a sore jaw, worn out veneers, etc. It interferes with a sound sleep too! Bruxism is two forms: if it’s a daytime one you can meditate and try other ways to resolve it. If you are grinding your teeth while sleeping, your dentist will advice a mouth guard for you.

9. The wisdom teeth problem

In majority of adults, their third molars or wisdom teeth come as an impacted tooth. If it doesn’t then the person is lucky enough! A wisdom appears between the age of 17 to 25. Treatments that resolve the issue of an impacted tooth, helps to solve wisdom teeth problems.

10. Bad breath

Bad breath, technically known as ‘Halitosis’ might be an outcome of some other serious issues like dry mouth, gum disease or even oral cancers! Therefore, sometimes simply using a mouthwash may not solve the issue. It would simply press down the underlying issue. A dentist visit is hence necessary.

Several other problems like gaps in between teeth, ill-shaped dental structure and so on exist. These, particularly are best addressed by an orthodontist. Consult with your family dentist to get the right advice for the best possible oral care to treat your teeth with.

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