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Perfect teeth happen at FLOSS Dental.

A smile flashes across the room and catches the eye of that certain someone... A smile is infectious. It’s attractive. It’s you. A beautiful, alluring smile begins with perfect teeth you feel confident showing off.

Technology at its best – Experts at your service.

We want to make sure you never hide your uniquely-you smile again. Armed with the newest and best technology in dental care today, our highly qualified team of professionals will amp up the wattage of your smile so it’s sure to be the brightest, whitest, and straightest it can be.


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We have a comprehensive understanding of dental problems, procedures, and treatments and also want to you to feel at ease whenever you pay us a visit. That is why, we work with you and answer all your questions before we start working on your mouth. In our years of practicing dentistry, we have understood that the roots of dental anxiety is nothing but lack of understanding of the treatment administered. That is why we will explain to you everything in detail and how we will work to resolve it. Also, for patients who find it a challenge to get hold of their dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can be an excellent option available with us.

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