All You Need To Know About Chipped Teeth

Cracked Tooth

All You Need To Know About Chipped Teeth

One of the hardest components of your body is the enamel, which is the hard outer covering of your teeth. It has limits, so they may break if your teeth are subjected to extreme erosion or a violent hit. This can result in a rough tooth surface, making your smile look terrible and necessitating immediate treatment. Our dentists at Floss Dental Of West Houston have provided all of the information on chipped teeth in this blog.

Why Do You Suffer From Chipped Or Cracked Tooth?

A variety of circumstances can cause chipped teeth. For your convenience, your Houston dentist has produced a list of them.

  • Hard things, such as pencils, pens, candy, or ice, should not be chewed.
  • In a car accident
  • The term bruxism refers to tooth grinding that occurs regularly.
  • When indulging in intense activities, wearing a mouth guard is recommended.

What Are The Warning Signs Of Chipped Teeth?

Minor tooth chipping that isn’t evident from the front of the mouth could go unnoticed. A few symptoms are frequent: periodontal inflammation surrounding the chipped tooth, pain while biting, and an uneven surface when running your tongue over your teeth.

Which Teeth Are More At Risk?

If your teeth are weak, they are clearly at risk. The second lower molar and teeth with large fillings are thought to be more prone to chipping. This happens because the second lower tooth is more responsive to chewing pressure. Speak with your dentist in Houston for more information.

Risk Factors Of Chipped Teeth

  • Cavities and tooth decay erode the enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable, and huge fillings make them much more fragile. Chipping is more common in weaker teeth than in stronger teeth. Acidic meals, such as fruit juices, caffeine, and spicy foods, can wear away at your enamel, exposing your teeth, and teeth grinding can do the same. This is why it’s critical to visit your Houston dentist for a complete examination every six months.
  • Acid reflux and heartburn are digestive problems in which stomach acid flows back into the mouth, eroding the tooth enamel. Excessive drinking and eating habits can lead to frequent vomiting, which produces acid that erodes your enamel. Make an appointment with your dentist in Houston if you’re experiencing these symptoms.
  • Too much sugar can cause germs to thrive in your mouth, causing your enamel to erode. As you become older, your enamel starts to deteriorate. As a result, those over 50 are more likely to suffer enamel problems.

How To Diagnose Chipped Teeth?

After a short examination of your mouth, your dental care specialist will be able to detect a chipped tooth. They will evaluate your symptoms and ask questions about what led to the chipping.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about chipped teeth. Get in touch with us at Floss Dental Of West Houston for the best dental care procedures in Houston, TX.

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