Eating Tips For Denture Wearers During Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a wide variety of delectable treats. But if you’re a denture wearer, there are certain foods that you may want to avoid in order to ensure your dentures remain in tip-top shape. Let’s take a look at some of the most common holiday foods that can be problematic for denture wearers. 

Chewy Foods 

Chewy foods such as dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, and taffy can be particularly challenging for denture wearers. Chewy foods require quite a bit of chewing power and because of this, they can cause your dentures to slip or shift out of place. If you must indulge in these types of treats, try softening them up by soaking them in water first and then slicing them into small pieces before eating. This will make them easier to chew without putting too much pressure on your dentures. 

Sticky Foods 

Sticky foods such as caramel apples and candy canes can also be tricky for those with dentures. These sticky treats have an adhesive-like quality which could cause your dentures to stick together or become stuck in place as you eat them. It’s best to avoid these types of treats altogether if you wear dentures.  

Sugary Treats 

Sugary holiday desserts are a particular problem for those who wear dentures due to their high sugar content. Sugary foods tend to cling onto crevices within the mouth and around the gums, increasing bacteria growth and increasing the risk of infection. Be sure to brush your teeth after indulging in sugary sweets if you wear dentures so that no residue is left behind after eating them. 


While it may seem like wearing dentures limits what holiday snacks or treats you can enjoy over the holidays, that doesn’t have to be the case! As long as you plan and think about how certain foods may affect your dental health when eaten with dentures, you can still enjoy all the deliciousness that comes along with the holidays without any worry! With this knowledge under your belt, let’s get ready for an enjoyable (and delicious) holiday season!


1.What type of holiday foods should you avoid if you wear dentures?

Tough and sticky foods, like peanut brittle, nuts, and hard candy can damage or dislodge your dentures. Also, you should be careful with foods that are extremely hot or cold to prevent damaging the tissue in your mouth.

2.Can you enjoy holiday favorites while wearing dentures? 

Yes! You just need to be mindful when selecting and preparing your favorite holiday dishes to ensure they don’t contain ingredients that are too tough for your dentures to handle. Soft-cooked vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes are a great options for those with dentures. 

3.Are there any other tips for eating with dentures during the holidays? 

It’s also helpful to cut large pieces of food into smaller, bite-sized portions. This will make it easier to chew without putting too much pressure on your dentures. Eating slowly will also give you time to adjust if you experience any discomfort while eating so that adjustments can be made as needed. 

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