Dental Care

Cracked Tooth

All You Need To Know About Chipped Teeth

One of the hardest components of your body is the enamel, which is the hard outer covering of your teeth. It has limits, so they may break if your teeth are subjected to extreme erosion or a violent hit. This can result in a rough tooth surface, making your smile look terrible and necessitating immediate

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human saliva

How insufficient quantity of saliva affects your oral health?

Saliva is a watery mixture of secretions that are produced within the mouth. The secretion is performed by our oral mucous glands and salivary glands. Water forms 99.5% of human saliva. Saliva is also composed of electrolytes, mucus, various enzymes and anti-bacterial compounds. Saliva Production Process We have three major salivary glands in the mouth

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Dental Flossing

Importance of Flossing Regularly

It is one of the common questions you can expect while visiting a dentist. Do you do flossing regularly? If your answer is no or only occasionally, then be ready for detailed advice by the dentist on the importance of flossing. We are all familiar with brushing and consider it part of our efforts to

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Root Canal

Dentist’s Guide To Proper Root Canal Preparation

Most people are afraid of root canals since they appear to be a painful treatment. Modern dentistry has, however,  made these procedures completely painless. This process usually focuses on your tooth roots and thoroughly disinfects them. Are root canals something you’re afraid of? These preparatory tips from our dentists at Floss Dental will help you

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nitrous sedation

Everything you need to know about nitrous sedation

Nitrous oxide is the most widely used inhalation anaesthetic in dentistry, as well as in emergency rooms and ambulatory surgery centres. When taken alone, it is incapable of establishing consistent general anaesthesia. However, as a single agent, it has a high level of safety and is ideal for giving minimum to moderate sedation for anxious

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Gum Disease


Periodontitis is a severe gum infection. It is basically caused by bacteria that collect around your teeth and gums and ruins your soft tissues. It can also destroy the alveolar bone which provides support to your teeth if not treated. This in fact, increases a chance of heart attack, stroke, and other health troubles. The

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Selfies In Dentistry? The era of Intra Oral Cameras

Who knew “selfies” would be applicable to dentistry!  Intra oral cameras have been used in dentistry for over 25 years, but with the advancement of technology and the digital age, they are becoming a standard in the dental practice.  In my opinion, it is the single piece of dental equipment that has completely revolutionized the

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