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FLOSS Dental Offers emergency services when you need them. A niggling tooth pain or bleeding gums might require an immediate treatment to restrain the severity of the condition from escalating. Hence, it is highly important to visit your dentist if you experience a dental emergency at any point in time. Our dentists at FLOSS Dental – West Oaks Houston take care of every uncalled oral problem and treat them with utmost care. emergency dental care Don’t ignore your dental problem even if it is minor, it can turn into a chronic disease if not treated or diagnosed on time. Some common dental emergencies are listed below.

  • A knocked out tooth or a dental trauma.
  • If a tooth is pushed out of its original position.
  • An unbearable toothache.
  • A broken tooth.
  • When your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold beverages or edibles.
  • A loose tooth.
  • When your braces wear out or break.
  • Red and inflamed gums.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • When the taste in your mouth alters.
  • A chipped tooth.
  • When a dental filling becomes loose.
  • When a dental crown comes off.
  • If there is a cut in your cheeks, lip or tongue.
  • If your face becomes swollen due to an oral infection.

A meticulous dental routine can play a significant role in preventing oral problems. Regular dental checkups, on the other hand, is also essential to diagnose an oral problem before it gets too late. These necessary measures could help prevent a dental emergency.

  • Brushing alone won’t boost your oral health, thus, also floss between your teeth and scrape your tongue every day.
  • Don’t brush aggressively, it could give rise to sensitive teeth.
  • Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Give up on smoking.
  • Quit drinking alcohol.
  • Cut down on the intake of acidic foods and beverages.

You can avoid most dental emergencies by visiting your dentist twice every year. This way, the early stages of the problem get detected and enhancing your oral health becomes easy. Get in touch with FLOSS Dental – West Oaks Houston today at (832) 720-7708 if you are in the middle of a dental emergency. Our services are both effective and affordable.

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