4 Facts About Invisalign® To Help You Decide On Your Orthodontic Treatment


4 Facts About Invisalign® To Help You Decide On Your Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign® is becoming highly popular in orthodontic treatment today, mainly owing to the benefits brought about by it. Invisalign® is virtually invisible and thus, high school and college students who are not the fondest of brackets and wires coming in between their beautiful smiles, are increasingly shifting to Invisalign® for their orthodontic treatment.

There’s one myth about Invisalign® that is important to burst before moving straight into facts. Most people believe that Invisalign® is not as effective as traditional dental braces. However, it’s completely false. Invisalign® treatment generally lasts for a year to year and a half. On the other hand, the average duration of orthodontic treatment with traditional braces is 2 years.

Having burst an important myth, here are 4 Facts About Invisalign® To Help You Decide On Your Orthodontic Treatment:

1. Invisalign® doesn’t interfere with your appearance

Starting off with a rather obvious fact! We know that Invisalign® is a clear teeth aligner that doesn’t show to the people around you. But how invisible is it? To give you an idea, anybody from a distance of 2 meters or more would not be able to notice your aligner when you smile!

2. The treatment is computerized

One of the other major benefits of choosing Invisalign® treatment over traditional braces is the fact that you know how your teeth alignment procedure will gradually proceed. You can see what your teeth would look like in 4 weeks from the treatment on a computer screen. That’s how planned the treatment is. Thus, you don’t have to wait helplessly for the results!

3. Invisalign® treatment is comfortable for any patient

Invisalign® is made of fine SmartTrack material that is smooth and lightweight. You don’t have to feel any heaviness in your teeth or get poked by wires during your orthodontic treatment. Furthermore, they’re removable. You can remove them when you eat, drink, brush, and anytime you want to. It wouldn’t make a difference as long as you’re wearing it for at least 20 hours a day.

4. Invisalign® cannot straighten some types of misalignment

Although Invisalign® is often more effective than traditional braces, there are some types of dental misalignment that Invisalign® cannot heal efficiently. This is why it is important to undergo a thorough consultation with your dentist before opting for Invisalign® treatment.

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