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Well, we all know that almost every people love to eat fruits not only because of their sweetness, and juiciness but also they are a healthy source of Vitamin C. Usually, fruits and fruit drinks may be very acidic, and consuming highly Acidic Foods and drinks everyday can spoil our teeth, if not taken proper care. Consuming acidic fruits and other foods —can let your tooth to erode and the enamel might corrode leading to dental erosion and tooth sensitivity.

What actually is Dental Erosion?

Tooth enamel is very strong, though the high acid loaded in most of the foods and juices might cause it to ruin, weaken or demineralize over time. The calcium content in saliva can help strengthen your enamel, but when the ambient inside your mouth is too acidic, demineralization may not take place. Due to this, a situation springs up known as Tooth Erosion and decay.
Here are some common signals of erosion:

.Sensitivity – Hot and cold foods, highly-flavored sweets and even cold air can generate high sensitivity when in contact with your teeth.

.Discoloration – This type of case occurs when the enamel of the tooth becomes thinner and due to this your teeth might appear slightly yellowish revealing the dentin present underneath.

.Rounded teeth – These are small curves along the chewing surface and may seem to have softer or sanded edges.

.Transparency – The edges of your incisors may lessen in opacity (just like you can almost see through them).

.Cracks – Very tiny faults or sharpness near the edges of the teeth are also common.

What are some of the most Acidic Foods?

Consuming too much Acidic Foods can harm the tooth enamel and may weaken your gum line, further exposing the inner layer. So it’s crucial to consume them in the right proportion.

Here are some highly acidic foods and drinks that should generally be kept in mind:

.Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges
.Apples, grapes, pomegranates, pineapples
.Fruit juices and sodas
.Tomatoes and tomato juice
.Jams and jellies, Vinegar

Make sure that you intake foods and drink that would not lead to erosion, which includes:
.Beans, and soya beans
.Corn, peas, peppers, and spinach
.Fish, including salmon, shrimp
.Crab meat
.Cheeses, breads, green tea
.Potatoes, rice
.Watermelons, ripe mangoes, and bananas

Solutions to Erosion

If you’ve experienced enamel erosion, the Dentists at Floss Dental in Houston, TX can help you with a few treatments. One of which is called a Tooth Bonding. In more serious cases, your expertise may add a Veneer or Crown to your damaged teeth to block further decay.

Prevention and Cure

The perfect method to prevent enamel erosion is to guard it from becoming worse by maintaining a proper oral hygiene like brushing twice daily, flossing once a day, using a good antibacterial mouthwash, maintaining a balanced diet and going for regular visits to your dentist. And if you are looking for a ‘Dentist near me’ in TX, then you can surely visit our office at Floss Dental!

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