How to Take Proper Care of Your Dental Implants

taking care of dental implants

How to Take Proper Care of Your Dental Implants

taking care of dental implants
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After getting dental implants, chances are you’d face a few days of soreness. When you feel fully healed, you will naturally take some special care of the implant.  You’re likely to have some questions about caring for your implant though, “What should I eat?” Do I have to clean the area or floss it? “Will I take medications to heal faster after dental implants?” “How do I best handle the implants?”

These are the questions to be answered by this article, with a complete guide to help you care for your implant.

Hygiene is key

Feel free to brush or floss. As a preventive measure, you might prefer to brush or floss less but it would do more harm than good.  Gently brush the region but do it daily. The same holds true for flossing. For a few days after the implant, you can use implant-specific flosses.

Try using a toothpaste that’s not abrasive. This would stop the post-brushing feelings of burning. Additionally, it would allow the area around the implant to heal faster. You might even think about rinsing your mouth with hot salt water. The healing process works wonders with this method!

Medications in a limited amount

Ibuprofen is the most recommended pain reliever for this purpose. Since the pain is meant to be tolerable, do not take pain killers unless it is unbearable. If you are considering taking medications other than ibuprofen or paracetamol, first contact the dentist.

Not all medications suit the condition as most have specific side effects Also, make sure you are taking no more than your prescribed doses.

Use ice packs

Do not do what most patients appear to do to test how much their gums have swollen! Instead, use the ice packs. When you feel any odd swelling in your face, applying ice packs for 10 minutes at a time does no good!

Most dentists urge you to use an ice pack wrapped in a dry towel rather than apply it directly to your face. This is because too much cold during the healing process could trigger sensitivity.

Watch your diet

Your dentist will most certainly suggest that you treat the implant with anything hot (like a hot glass of milk). Don’t get anything very cold either, though. The idea is to keep the area of the implant free from any sensitivity.

Evite carbonated soft drinks. Don’t have acidic drinks that could damage the surgery area. Do not consider any drink apart from room temperature water at least for a week.

Have nothing hard to chew that would put pressure on the implant. The implant needs time to heal around the bone. Pressure putting on it will damage the healing process. Chew your food while you keep it away from the surgical area.

That is all you need to know about your implant apart from the obvious fact that you have to stay away from smoking and alcohol for the first week and a half. If you are feeling a persistent soreness or swelling that appears to get worse, contact your dental implants dentist in Houston TX immediately before taking any medication.

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