Reveal those Pearly Whites to Impress Your Date!

Teeth Whitening in Houston TX

Reveal those Pearly Whites to Impress Your Date!

How to get that pearly smile that turns heads around and melts hearts? As you think of your romantic life, there’s definitely one thing that you won’t wish to expose. If you are presently suffering from staining or discolouration on your teeth, don’t despair as it’s really easy to get that natural white smile again!

What are the Basics of a Natural White Smile?

The first and foremost thing you need to realize in order to achieve the white smile you always craved for is to start working on the basics. Basic dental care is your age-old brushing, flossing and rinsing techniques to wipe plaque and build-up, and using a good mouthwash to remove bacteria that can result in plaque. Brushing is necessary right after you eat. This can help protect your teeth from stain, and you can also include whitening toothpaste into your routine for extra brightness. It is vital to brush your teeth twice daily. Always use a soft-bristled brush and be very gentle. Avoid being too energetic as that might hurt your teeth and gums.

Things you should avoid to prevent Tooth Discoloration

There are certain foods and beverages like red wine, coffee, tea, sports drinks, soft drinks, and also few berries which can result in tooth discoloration if consumed on a daily basis. Even smoking can also be one of the causes for tooth discoloration. Limiting your consumption of these kinds of foods can help prevent stains. But not everything is lost if you do have stained teeth. There is always a way to whiten your teeth. You can also select Teeth Whitening to achieve the perfect white smile and impress your date. Let’s review it!

What will your Dentist do?

Teeth Whitening is a part of cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic dentist in Houston will apply light-activated whitening gel onto your teeth and then place a blue light which brightens them in three to four 15-minute bursts. That’s it! The whole technology can lighten teeth by up to eight shades in just an hour! On the other hand, if you wish to whiten your teeth in your own time, we can provide you with a prescribed course of treatments to perform at home at your convenience. We’ll just take an impression of your teeth in order to make bespoke trays that will rightly fit your teeth. The whitening gel is applied straight into the tray. And the best part: you can apply the procedure for the advised amount of time whenever you feel suitable. Take-home whitening generally takes about 2 weeks.

As customers demand convenient options for whiter teeth, innovative products and trends will be accessible to comply with those requests. We try our level best to keep up with these trends and render beneficial evidence-based health insights to patients for secure and proper use of these products.

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