Here are 5 Ways How Sedation Dentistry Can Improve Your Next Dental Appointment

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Here are 5 Ways How Sedation Dentistry Can Improve Your Next Dental Appointment

Do you or does one member of your family feel a little anxious about going in to see the dentist? Today in America, as many as 15 percent of the population are deliberately avoiding going to the dentist, whether they are nervous or fearful of the work to be done in their teeth. It’s important to remember that most of our dental and orthodontic procedures are painless. Now even some of our more invasive procedures are pain-free, thanks to modern technology!

What is dental sedation and how will it help me?

Dental sedation is a form of dentistry that helps patients to completely relax and experience no pain or discomfort at appointment time. There are numerous levels dental sedation methods we can use to relax our patients safely during their treatment, depending on their tolerance levels and dental anxiety.

Here are 5 benefits of dental sedation to improve your next dental visit:

#1 Reduce discomfort

Some dental procedures, particularly if you have sensitive teeth, can range from unpleasant to straight painful. You won’t feel a thing with sedation dentistry, though! Just walk in, get the work done, and leave with a brighter smile; no pain at all!

#2 Tackle dental anxiety

Sedation can be beneficial during dental procedures if you or one of your children suffer from dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry helps patients to relax, thereby eliminating discomfort that may normally arise during dental visits.

#3 Faster procedure

Sedation dentistry helps dentists to move through procedures efficiently , allowing more work to be completed in a single visit, rather than scheduling a series of stressful appointments.

#4 Reduce gag reflexes

Persons with major gag reflexes often find dental operations impossible, unless he/she is asleep. Sedation  dentistry will calm the body and mind to the point that the gag reflex — also seen as an involuntary reaction — is no longer an obstacle to dental procedures.

#5 Few side-effects for long term

Because it takes a few hours to wear off, when using sedation dentistry you’ll want someone to drive you home from your dentist ‘s appointment. You will soon return to normal however, and will not suffer long-term side effects.

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