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Teeth Whitening Service West Houston, TX

Free Teeth Whitening (After Exam & X-Ray)

One of the many benefits of being a patient at FLOSS Dental – FLOSS Dental West Houston , is that we offer free PROFESSIONAL-grade teeth whitening treatments when paired with a cleaning, exam and x-rays.

Forget those cheap at home kits, this service is a lower cost, and will provide you a brighter and whiter smile, Call FLOSS Dental – West Houston, TX @ (832) 720-7708 today!

How Does It Compare To At Home Kits?

Home Teeth whitening kits often times will provide the customer with mouth guards and gels for a person to use each night while they sleep. The average cost of an at home kit would range between $40-$70. This requires commitment from the person to use the gel correctly and form it onto the teeth each night before sleep.

If you are debating whether or not to visit the dentist office, the choice is clear. Our teeth whitening service gives you results in about 1 hour, and best of all, we do it for you. We prepare the premium mixture of whitening agents, fluoride, and sensitivity agents.

For some, at home kits may cause damage to gums if used incorrectly. It’s often times hard to know which kit is right for you. By reading amazon reviews, you can only guess on what the customer mixed or how they used the product to achieve whitening results.

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Professional Grade Gel – The Perfect Mixture

FLOSS now offers professional grade gel for at home use. In addition, we also explain how to properly administer the gel to get the best results. This gel is made with the same ingredients the Dentists and Dental Hygienists use at the office. We also can provide you with pre-loaded trays to make it SUPER EASY. You can use this gel during your sleep or even if you are watching TV without worrying about the results.

What Are You Waiting For?

Still thinking on whether teeth whitening is right for you? At our dental office, you can consult with our dentists and dental hygienists on your desired shade of “whiteness.”

First, get your cleaning, x-ray and exam. Then you can decide whether or not you would like your teeth to be a shade lighter. The best part – IT’S FREE.

All of our patients that adhere to their dental treatment plans, will receive free teeth whitening once a year. This will help maintain that bright white smile.


Julie came to us after trying an at home kit. Watching youtube videos and reading reviews online, she thought the home kit would be simple to use. After the 4th time, her teeth had some white patches. That made her even more self-conscious about her smile. Her total cost on the kit was $34.99 and 4 days of commitment.

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