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FLOSS Dental offers tooth extraction services when you need them. A slightly damaged tooth can be treated with various dental procedures but a tooth that is extensively affected might be recommended to get extracted. Right from a decay to impaction, there could be several reasons which may indicate a tooth must be pulled out immediately. Dental anxiety often restrains people from experiencing a surgical tooth extraction and our skilled dentists do their best to diminish the fear by making the procedure convenient. tooth extraction    

We Offer Nitrous Sedation

Sedation dentistry plays a huge role in eliminating your dental fear and we at FLOSS Dental – West Oaks offer nitrous sedation to keep you calm during the dental procedures. It makes an oral surgery painless and does not cause discomfort.

Signs Which Indicate You Might Need a Surgical Tooth Extraction

  • When the severity of a decayed tooth escalates.
  • When you ignore the condition of your chipped, broken or cracked tooth.
  • A severe periodontitis can also lead to a surgical tooth extraction.
  • When your tooth is impacted due to less space in the mouth and causes an immense amount of pain.
  • When your teeth are crowded.

How is A Normal Tooth Extraction Performed?

  • The area near your infected or affected tooth will be numbed by the dentist first.
  • A surgical instrument will be then used to make the tooth loose.
  • Right after that, the tooth will be pulled out with forceps.
  • Then a gauze will be put on the surgical area to stop the bleeding.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

  • In order to make the tooth and the bone exposed, an incision in the gum tissue will be made first.
  • Then the bone will be removed to prevent blockage of access to the root of the tooth.
  • The tooth will be then divided into sections.
  • The affected tooth will be removed by widening the socket.
  • The oral surgeon will then clean the surgical site.
  • The bleeding will be controlled with a gauze.

Certain Measures You Should Follow After a Surgical Tooth Extraction

  • Eat soft foods.
  • Don’t smoke and drink alcohol.
  • Avoid disturbing the surgical site, so, don’t eat from that side. It can elevate the swelling and the bleeding.
  • Don’t drink with a straw for the first 24 hours.
  • Spitting forcefully after the extraction can dislodge the clot in the socket, so, avoid doing that.

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