Do you crave for a healthy and confident smile? Then veneers might be your best bet! Porcelain veneers are sometimes also known as ‘dental veneers’ or even ‘dental porcelain laminates’. They are simply paper-thin, tailor-made shells of tooth -colored elements. These are designed to conceal the front section of the teeth which gives an instant smile transformation.
The shells are affixed to the front portion of your teeth. This results in transforming your teeth color, size, length or shape and resembles natural dental enamel.

Types of Veneers:

There are three categories of Porcelain veneers:

.Traditional veneers
.No-Prep veneers and
.Porcelain veneers are given to patients when their teeth get decolorized. Decolorization can be because of root canal treatment
.Deformed teeth
.Overconsumption of fluoride or drugs
.Worn down, cracked or broken teeth
.To close the gaps in between the teeth

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Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

If you want to get your veneers, it generally requires three appointments with your dentist.
One for a consultation – where your dentist will address your specific needs.
Two to design your veneers.
And next to fix the veneers! One tooth or many teeth can receive the veneering procedure altogether.
When you visit our office in West Oaks Houston, you along with our specialist, will discuss the results you desire to achieve.

In the first appointment itself, your dentist will study the pattern of your teeth. He will ensure whether dental veneers are totally apt for you. Then only he will explain to you about the method in detail and also its limits. The specialist might also take some X-rays to get some appropriate impressions of your mouth and teeth. Once the veneer is ready in the lab, you will have to visit our office. The doctor will analyze if the dental layer fits your tooth and matches its color. Your tooth will then be polished and cleaned. After this cement will be applied to the dental layer to affix it over the tooth!

Your smile no longer will be a distant dream!

Dental veneers do not need any extra care. Just practice good oral habits, such as brushing, flossing. Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash. Follow a healthy diet and visit your dentist regularly.
We always ensure that we deliver our patients the best comfort! And of course at affordable cost rates to get access to any kind of cosmetic dentistry! Schedule your appointment now at Floss Dental! And you won’t be disappointed!

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